Tamara (Tammy) McDowall joins DRC’s Team


The DRC is happy to welcome Tammy McDowall to our team as Manager, Communications and Membership. Tammy brings over 15 years of management experience. This includes spending a decade working in the Canadian healthcare administration and management field, comprising eight years working for Canada’s largest practice management company.  Some of her experiences include internal policy and international project development. Through all these experiences, Tammy has learned to engage others and excel in her ability to build relationships and rapport with individuals at all levels of an organization.

Despite her success in the healthcare field, Tammy has always had an interest in agriculture as she spent many of her childhood summers in the Caribbean with her grandmother learning to tend to a wide variety of fruit trees and animals on the family property.

Tammy went to the University of Ottawa and studied Criminology and Philosophy.  She has a wide range of interest, and in her spare time, she also enjoys going to the different museums and galleries around Ottawa, hiking in nature and cheering on her favourite sports teams.