Reading CFIA Inspection Certificates Part 3-Remarks and Certification

This is the final article in our three-part series “How to Read a CFIA Inspection Certificate”.

This time we will provide a description of the remarks and the certification section.

Generally, the first thing you will notice on the remarks section will be if there were any digital pictures taken or attached to the inspection report, followed by a description of the containers and packaging. It will also indicate what Canadian or US Grade Standard has been used as a reference standard to inspect the load. Different from a USDA inspection report, CFIA inspectors will not indicate if the product fails to meet a grade standard. A CFIA inspector will proceed to detain a load if it fails to meet the minimum Canadian Grade Standard on account of permanent/quality defects.

Next, the inspector will include the applicant’s purchase order (PO) or the invoice number, the lot numbers if available, and any other remarks requested by the applicant. Finally, if a temperature inspection is requested and performed at the same time as a condition inspection, the inspector will use the remarks section to provide details of the load’s pulp temperatures. As mentioned in our first article of this series, transportation information, if available, may be found here.

The last part of the certificate is the “Certification” where you will find if the inspection has been requested for temperature, weight, size, condition, condition and grade, count, or any other type of request from the applicant.

It is very important the applicant requests the proper inspection. Make sure you fill out the request for an inspection form in detail, specifying what you would like the inspector to address in the inspection report.  Communication between the seller and buyer prior to requesting the inspection is recommended.

We hope this series has been informative and useful for you and your team.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our DRC Help Desk by email or by phone:

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