Note from the President – Silly Season


Few things in the produce business stay the same. People, products, terms, and technology change constantly. During my 35-year career, one thing has stayed the same, though, and I call it the Silly Season.

As the holidays approach in North America, new faces appear in our industry anxious to capitalize on the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. Most, of course, are legitimate people who see an opportunity to start and grow a business. Others, however, seek only to secure product, sell it quickly and then disappear as quickly as they arrived. Everyone is extra busy during the holiday season and these individuals count on your being busy to sneak through your screening process. While we cannot accomplish all that a credit application does, checking the DRC membership status may save you the time of having to review the entire application. This is especially true when you get a cold call from outside of your province.

There are only three legitimate reasons why a Canadian firm (buyer or seller) would NOT be LEGALLY REQUIRED to be a DRC member to buy or sell a load of produce:

  1. They grew the products themselves.
  2. Both of the businesses (i.e. buyer and seller) are in the same Canadian province.
  3. They are a retailer buying less than $100,000 a year in produce from all sources.

Both buyer and seller should be checking out their potential trading partner. For sellers, getting paid is obviously important. For buyers, the seller’s DRC membership helps ensure the product they are buying is not stolen, obtained fraudulently or otherwise compromised.

Always ask if they are a member of the DRC. It only takes a minute to go to our website and check the active member list, which is updated every Friday, and then call our office if you require additional information. Verifying DRC membership is your first line of defense against becoming a victim of the Silly Season.


Fred Webber,

President & CEO