New and Potential DRC Members

Over the last few months DRC has experienced a surge of new members. This is positive and demonstrates that, even during these challenging times, the entrepreneurial spirit remains strong.

We are receiving all types of applications, which include applicants with little experience in the produce industry or lack of knowledge of rules and regulations that apply to produce transactions. We want to assure those who are completely new to the industry that DRC is more than just a regulatory requirement for Canadians, we are a key resource for information with tools to help businesses succeed in a tough but extremely rewarding industry. Before taking on your first fresh produce import make sure you can answer the following basic questions:

  • Can the product enter Canada? You should be visiting the Automated Import Reference System to find out.
  • What are the payment terms and contracted shipping terms such as INCOTERMS?  Make sure both parties understand their rights, responsibilities and risks of using these terms.
  • How do I clear Canadian customs and have the product released to me? You may want to have a Custom Broker to help you with this process. Visit Canada Border Services Agency for a list of licensed custom brokers.
  • What do I do if my Canadian buyer does not want my product? Understand the process of a claim or a rejection by reviewing DRC’s Trading Standards.
  • What if my product arrives with damage? A request for a government inspection should be the first action.

These are the types of questions we receive daily at DRC and we have professional and dedicated staff available to assist you. So, if you need help with some of these basic questions or any others, please call or email us and we will get you the answers you need with total confidentiality.