Modernizing Canada’s Grades and Requirements for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

The DRC initiative to review and modernize the (CFIA) Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Grades and Requirements continues to progress well.

A review of 17 of the 30 standards has been completed by industry-named representatives. The mandate of the commodity-specific review teams is to bring commodity-specific knowledge to the table representative of growing, shipping, packing and marketing in order to consider and make recommendations for relevant updates and amendments. Reviewers have been very engaged and provided valuable input. It is important to recognize that this project would not be possible without their expertise and significant contributions.

·     Greenhouse Cucumbers

·     Greenhouse Tomatoes

·     Apples

·     Apricots

·     Grapes

·     Nectarines (new)

·     Peaches

·     Pears

·     Plums and Prunes

·     Asparagus

·     Beets

·     Cabbage

·     Carrots

·     Onions

·     Parsnips

·     Potatoes

·     Rutabagas


The completed standards, as well as a new standard for nectarines based on a test market authorization, are under review by CFIA. Once their review of the 17 standards has been completed, a World Trade Organization (WTO) notification will take place and the proposed changes will be posted to the CFIA website for a public comment period. The proposed changes will also be posted to the DRC website.

Industry review of the remaining standards will be completed by early fall, followed by the required CFIA review and further WTO notifications.

For additional information on the reviews and next steps, contact Anne Fowlie (


The DRC-led initiative is supported by the AgriAssurance Program, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal, provincial territorial initiative.