Mediation and Arbitration Rule Review

The vast majority of problems brought to us by our members are resolved with a bit of sound advice or an exchange of information in our informal process. Some issues however, do proceed to the formal process where an arbitrator is required to issue a final decision.

The Formal Mediation and Arbitration Rules have remained largely unchanged for 17 years and we believe a review and update is timely. Members and our roster of independent arbitrators have indicated to us that the rules are a bit cumbersome and repetitive. We have therefore retained a leading Arbitration Law and process expert to revise those rules.

Currently there are three categories of arbitration in our rules:

Those less than $15,000

Those from $15000 to $50,000

Those over $50,000

The proposed revisions to the rules will remove repetitive language in the current version and highlight differences within the categories. Examples of highlights would include whether or not a hearing is required and timelines for responses. Several areas will also be clarified to make them easier to understand and follow.

Please note that the current rules remain in full force and no changes will be implemented until they have been presented and approved by the Board of Directors later this year. Should the revisions be approved, we will provide the membership with the changes, answer any questions, and share the date the changes will be implemented.

For now, there are no changes to the Formal Mediation and Arbitration Rules, and this note is merely advance notice that a review is underway and changes may be forthcoming.

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