Get your My CFIA account SOON!


Under the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, which come into force on January 15, 2019, most Canadian DRC members will need, as a minimum, a CFIA Food Safety Import and/or Export Licence. The most efficient way to get your Food Safety Licence is to create a My CFIA account.

The My CFIA service will deliver and coordinate the full range of operational administrative services required for domestic and imported food related to SFCR licensing. The process for creating an account and business profile is detailed and CFIA will require corporate type information such as articles of incorporation that someone in your QA/QC departments might not have at their fingertips.  You can find the list of required information on the CFIA website. As a result, we recommend having corporate records available beforehand and anticipate that it may take more time than you had planned to register.  Do not leave it to the last minute.

Although a licence cannot be ordered until January 15, members should create their My CFIA account now to avoid any technical issues or delays due to excessive traffic that could arise on the My CFIA website closer to the effective date. In a nutshell, setup your My CFIA account now, then come January 15th login and add the licences you need to your CFIA account.

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