DRC’s Coverage on Transactions


DRC is a membership based organization whose core work is “business-to-business private commercial dispute resolution” between members and, if applicable, between a member and a non-member.  DRC’s jurisdiction to help parties resolve a dispute is automatic if both parties were members at the time of transaction.  If one or both were not a member when the dispute arose, it may be more difficult to DRC to assist you.  Simply put, as a DRC member, always make sure you deal only with other DRC members, so your access to fast, affordable dispute resolution services is not compromised.

DRC can resolve domestic (intra or interprovincial) disputes provided the companies are within Canada,           the United States or Mexico. In addition, DRC will resolve international disputes provided the dispute arises in relation to a transaction that has entered into commerce in Canada, the United States or Mexico.

DRC attempts to help its members regardless of whether the dispute is with another DRC member or a non-member. However, in disputes between a member and a non-member, an arbitration clause or a voluntary arbitration agreement is needed to be able to use DRC’s Dispute Resolution Rules as an effective and efficient alternative to the courts. That said, DRC’s recourse is limited when you deal with a non-member, therefore we strongly recommend you encourage your trading partners to join in order to avoid being left without recourse through DRC.

Disputes must be brought to DRC within nine (9) months from the date on which the dispute arose. Unresolved disputes that fall outside of nine months will be deemed to have been abandoned.

When a company has decided to join DRC, through their membership application process, it is important that the applicant lets DRC membership staff know if they have an ongoing or previous dispute. We want to make sure you join for the right reasons and not under the impression that our rules are retroactive. However, if you are involved in a straight no-pay with one of our members, you can report that matter to our Trading Assistance Office, and that issue will be investigated.