The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized and augmented the number of virtual/remote hearings through the courts and various alternative dispute resolution institutions around the world. Currently, most, if not all, arbitration institutions provide virtual/remote hearing services either on their own or by outsourcing the service to a recognized virtual hearing service provider.

DRC’s Dispute Resolution Rules provide for virtual/remote hearings or video conferencing to be conducted through our mediation and arbitration procedures. However, due to the technical requirements needed to conduct a virtual/remote hearing, DRC is not currently in a position to provide this service without outsourcing it.

That is why, after researching virtual/remote hearing service providers, DRC has made the decision to work with The Arbitration Place. The Arbitration Place Virtual (APV) is a secure eHearing service that includes traditional on-site proceedings, including live document display and sharing for all participants, real-time transcription and breakout rooms for private deliberations.  APV provides full technical support coordinated by Virtual Case Managers (VCMs). The VCMs are equally knowledgeable of the technologies employed and the legalities of virtual proceedings and can host individuals at their downtown Ottawa and Toronto facilities, which adhere to stringent social distancing and cleaning protocols.

Virtual/remote hearings provide for an expedited and cost-effective manner to handle a hearing. These elements go along with DRC’s  mission to offer fast, effective and economical services to our members.

DRC started working with The Arbitration Place in 2021 and our experience and the feedback from our members who have used the service has been positive. If you are familiar with the different meeting platforms available such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc., meeting the technical requirements to participate in a virtual hearing is not difficult at all. The Arbitration Place offers assistance and material so that anyone can be set and feel comfortable participating in a virtual/remote hearing.

If you are interested in learning more about virtual/remote hearings, do not hesitate to contact DRC’s Trading Assistance Staff or directly with The Arbitration Place at the link provided above.