My DRC membership: compliance and protection


DRC specializes in business-to-business commercial dispute resolution for produce and understands the breadth and variability of relationships and transactions in the produce industry.

Canada’s Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) includes a regulatory requirement for Canadians who buy, sell, import or export produce to have a DRC membership unless specifically excepted from the requirement.

Beyond DRC’s specialized knowledge and the regulatory requirement for Canadians subject to the SFCR, here are some top of mind reasons for being a DRC member:

  • DRC is a credible and recognized due diligence resource to turn to when researching prospective new accounts.
  • The Trading Assistance team is able to assist in identifying potential new clients or suppliers.
  • The Help Desk offers the knowledge and expertise to prevent and help resolve many matters prior to filing a formal complaint.
  • DRC is truly a referee between parties when a purchase and sale do not go as planned. When a file is open, DRC’s Trading Assistance team does not represent either party.
  • Filing a Notice of Dispute (NoD), which initiates the informal consultation process, bears no cost. The service is included in membership fees and a member may initiate as many NoDs as required.
  • Filing a NoD does not raise a red flag or impact the standing of either party. The informal consultation process is private, confidential and results in a settlement in 80% of the circumstances.
  • The goal of the Trading Assistance team is to help parties reach an amicable and timely resolution by pointing out the respective pros and cons of each party.
  • DRC Trading Assistance Staff provides guidance to members for disputes that fall outside DRC’s jurisdiction.
  • DRC provides seminars and webinars, including in-house seminars, to educate and help avoid future disputes between members.

A DRC membership is more than good business, it assures protection and compliance.