DRC initiative to review Canadian grade standards


DRC is preparing to lead an industry initiative to review Canada’s grade standards for the fruits and vegetables covered by the (CFIA) Canadian Grade Compendium Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables.

As is the case with all grade standards documents, the Compendium is the lexicon, or recognized language for describing fruit and vegetable commodities and associated defects.

A common lexicon is necessary in order for federal inspectors, buyers, sellers and others to communicate in a common language when they are separated by geographic distances.

DRC will work with industry stakeholders such as the Canadian Horticultural Council, the CPMA and others throughout the 18-month project to ensure fulsome and inclusive discussions as recommendations for change are developed. Review teams will also consider the corresponding US grade standards as part of the review. The Canadian and US fruit and vegetable grade standards are foundational to the DRC’s Good Arrival Guidelines and Trading Standards, which serve to establish liability in a mediation and arbitration process.

The overall objective is that in due course, DRC will take on responsibility for hosting the Compendium and coordinating future updates through a service agreement with the CFIA.

The provision of Incorporation by Reference (IR) within the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations gives rise to the opportunity for the initiative.