Did you know?


DRC’s membership is representative of the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain:

Distributor, Wholesaler                40%

Grower, Shipper                           32%

Broker                                            7%

Retailer                                          7%

Processor                                       6%

Transportation                                4%

Foodservice                                    2%

Commission Merchant                    2%

DRC global presence continues to grow: 17 countries and counting!

 A Global Presence
· Canada · Chile
· Unites States · Peru
· Mexico · Argentina
· Spain · Honduras
· Brazil · China
· South Africa · Costa Rica
· Netherlands · Uruguay
· Dominican Republic · Israel
Hong Kong, Province of China

More than good business!

The decision to become a DRC member is a good business decision and an essential risk management tool. In fact, for Canadians subject to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, a DRC membership is far more than good business – it‘s the law.

Exporting to Canada?

Do you know someone who is, or is planning to export produce to Canada? DRC has developed a comprehensive Q&A for exporters designed at helping them navigate the Canadian marketplace.  A key piece of doing business with any Canadian is DRC membership.  In order to have access to DRC Trading Assistance, both parties must be members at the time of transaction.