20 in 2020 ………… DRC Comes of Age


Yes, it has been 20 years since the DRC opened its doors for business. Throughout the coming year we will be celebrating this milestone by remembering the people who made it happen, the vision, the triumphs, and the people who keep it going. We will also examine those places where the vision continues to chase the goal.

It is a unique story starring a dedicated group of industry and government people who took an idea, seized an opportunity, and launched what has become the DRC today. There were many meetings and consultations across North America in the late 1990’s resulting in far too many stories to recount, but we will do our best to review where the DRC came from.

We will also be reporting on where the DRC is going as we move into our third decade as the dispute resolution body in Canada and beyond as our membership expands around the world.

It has been my privilege to be at the helm of the DRC since 2011, but the foundation and story of this unique and thriving organization is built on the shoulders of others who dedicated time and energy to a vision and strategy that has endured to, as our tag line says ……………… keeping trade on track.