The following questions and answers provide information on a variety of subjects related to education, mediation, arbitration and networking for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. The FAQs address subjects including fair and ethical trade for the produce and transportation industries, import and export of produce, steps to resolve disputes, government guidelines and more.

  • Is a DRC membership a license to import, export or deal interprovincially in Canada?

    If you are an active DRC member you satisfy the CFIA’s membership requirements under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

  • What services do DRC members receive to ensure deals are conducted fairly and ethically?

    1. Education: DRC provides dispute prevention education to our members via seminars, fact sheets, our Solutions e-newsletter and more.
    2. Mediation & Consultation: Members can access the DRC Help Desk for confidential consultation. If the parties request, we also offer formal mediation that provides a set timeframe to try and reach a voluntary settlement with the help of a mediator.
    3. Arbitration: Where a voluntary settlement has not been reached, the parties assign an arbitrator to render a binding decision.
    4. Networking: In order to ensure our services are available to you, it is important your trading partners are members of DRC. If they are not, encourage them to join and always ask new trading partners if they are a DRC member.
  • Why should I become a member?

    DRC Membership is an excellent risk management tool that allows members to focus on their business while we help them resolve their disputes. For less than the cost of most loads, you have year round peace of mind.

    Anyone who grows, buys, sells, brokers or provides transportation services for produce should be a DRC member in order to protect their business. Unlike trade associations and other industry groups offering help, DRC members are obligated to follow DRC Rules and participate in the dispute resolution process. Any member who fails to comply will be disciplined which can include termination, and in some cases loss of the ability to import products.

  • Is DRC used to resolve both domestic and international disputes?

    Yes, provided the load entered into commerce in North America at any point, DRC has the jurisdiction to help resolve disputes with all members.

  • If I am a DRC member, what happens if I run into trouble with a non-member?

    DRC attempts to help its members regardless of whether the dispute is with another DRC member or not. It is beneficial for all members to encourage their trading partners to join DRC.