Membership Updates – July 2019


Welcome New Members

In July, DRC welcomed the following new members:

  • Goldenway Import & Export LTD (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Multi Traders (Alberta, Canada)
  • Ilyana Whole Foods (Ontario, Canada)
  • Kwong Lee Farms (Ontario, Canada)
  • Western Harvest (Québec, Canada)
  • NFA International 2015 (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

DRC Membership: change in status

As of July 31, the following organizations no longer hold a DRC membership:

  • 2 Ramirez Imports LTD (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Me Gusta Imports Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
  • TR International (Ontario, Canada)
  • Fresh Durian (Alberta, Canada)
  • Traffic Tech Inc. (Québec, Canada)
  • Western Harvest Gardens (Québec, Canada)
  • Kingswill Canada Ltd (Ontario, Canada)
  • 2109350 Alberta Ltd (Alberta, Canada)
  • Vortex Produce / VX (Ontario, Canada)
  • Right Price Produce (Alberta, Canada)

For details regarding a change in status, please contact the office.

Important note: Following membership termination, the former member remains liable for claims arising prior to their termination if the claim is submitted to DRC by way of a Notice of Dispute within nine (9) months from when the claim arose or within nine (9) months from when the claimant ought reasonably to have known of its existence.

About DRC

DRC is a non-profit membership-based organization whose core work is business-to-business commercial dispute resolution for produce. DRC is a referee between parties when a purchase and sale do not go according to plan. Members adhere to a common set of trading standards and member responsibilities that promote fair and ethical trading for produce entering the North American marketplace. In Canada, membership in the DRC is a regulatory requirement to trade fresh fruits and vegetables (i.e.: buy, sell, import, export) unless excepted from the regulations. Today, DRC has members in 14 countries outside of North America, and membership continues to grow annually. Anyone exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to Canada must sell to a DRC member.

In addition to the DRC’s Operating Rules and Trading Standards, DRC offers a comprehensive, tailored suite of tools to build the knowledge and capacity of members to avoid or resolve disputes, including education, mediation and arbitration. DRC has ability to impose sanctions and disciplinary actions towards members who do not conduct business in accordance with the terms of their membership agreement.

To date, DRC has resolved claims in excess of $83 million dollars. Although arbitration is available, 80% of these claims have been settled in an average of 26 days through our informal consultation/mediation services. Arbitration awards are court enforceable in countries that are signatories to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards or subsequent conventions.

To learn more, reach out to our Help Desk at or (+1) 613-234-0982 or visit us at