Compliance Desk implemented


In 2018, DRC implemented a Compliance Desk to ensure a single, standard operating procedure when unfavourable information pertaining to a member is brought to our attention.

The Compliance Desk focuses on issues relating to potential violations of DRC By-laws or DRC’s Trading Standards and Rules of Conduct. This may include slow payment, nonpayment, failure to pay an arbitration award or a member’s general unfair behaviour and conduct.

Some complaints brought to DRC, or even generated through its own investigative process as a result of external triggers, result in a Compliance Desk notification to the member advising that DRC has been made aware of a potential violation of their membership agreement with a request to respond within a 10 days period outlining their position regarding the matter at hand and, if appropriate, submitting supporting documentation. Once the member has either replied or failed to communicate, a recommendation regarding membership status is presented to the President for a decision. This may result in termination, expulsion, a requirement to post a bond or the matter may be determined to be resolved. Overall, Compliance Desk activities form a very small, but highly effective, part of DRC daily work and ensure that when issues occur, a positive, timely and remedial approach is taken.

The Compliance Desk process is based on fairness and transparency and ensures that members conduct their business in a way that does not contravene their member obligations or negatively impact other members and the broader trade.